House Rules

At Round House, “Theatre For Everyone” isn’t just a statement. It’s our mission and an organizational value. It means that everyone—patrons, artists, staff, students, trustees, and volunteers—is invited to fully participate and deserves to be treated with respect. This is our promise to you…and we ask you to help us uphold these values and expectations in all of your interactions with Round House.

We believe that…

  • All are welcome here, and each person is empowered and encouraged to fully engage with our work.
  • Everyone is a human being, equally deserving of respect.
  • Theatre is an “empathy gym,” and building that muscle is what each of us is here to do.
  • Anti-racism—the intentional and conscious effort to combat racial prejudice and systemic and structural racism—is an ongoing and active practice, and we must all stand against oppression and marginalization of all kinds.
  • Discomfort is often productive, but cruelty never is.

We invite you to…

  • Assume positive intent and expect the same assumption in return.
  • Enjoy our art with your whole self—laugh, clap, cry, have reactions!—and embrace your fellow audience members’ reactions in turn. Remember that your experience is shared with the rest of the audience.
  • Make a deliberate effort to confront your own biases, and partner with us to help make Round House a welcoming space for everyone. We’re all learning!
  • Help us create a positive community and a culture of collaboration.

We will not tolerate…                       

  • Insulting or discriminatory speech towards anyone.
  • Unwanted invasion of another person’s physical space.
  • Abusive or harassing behavior.
  • Ignoring or talking over staff who are trying to assist you.
  • Creating a hostile environment for fellow audience members, students, artists, or staff.
  • Disrespect of or damage to our theatre or other facilities.

We are glad you’re here! Thank you for being a part of the Round House community as we work together to truly be a Theatre For Everyone.
If you witness or experience behavior that violates the values and expectations outlined above, please alert our staff. Round House will take action to protect our community, with consequences up to and including removal from Round House activities.