You've been learning about our local vendors and their quality products though Weekly Quarantini, and now you can easily stock your bar and fridge through The Fourth Wall To-Go! Browse locally crafted spirits, sweets, and food from Ivy City Smokehouse, Gray Wolf Distillery, Sagamore Rye, Zivaara Chocolates, and MORE to add to your contactless pick-up order! 


Wind down with Round House as we bring you delicious drinks highlighting local products. Join us on Facebook every Friday at for a cocktail-making class with Food and Beverage Manager Hudson Tang. You can also catch up on past recipes below.

Quarantini 1:   The Fourth Wall's Manhattan featuring Sagamore Spirit Rye.
Quarantini 2:   The Springtime Hugo featuring Tenth Ward Springtime Liqueur.
Quarantini 3:   The Fourth Wall's Beer Tasting with 7 Locks Brewing.
Quarantini 4:   The Fourth Wall's Marasca Sour featuring Sagamore Spirit Rye.
Quarantini 5:   The Fourth Wall's Wine Tasting with Linganore Winecellars.
Quarantini 6:   The Fourth Wall's Sidra Fern featuring Distillery Lane Ciderworks.
Quarantini 7:   The Fourth Wall's Beer Tasting with Denizens Brewing Co.
Quarantini 8:   The Fourth Wall's Wine Tasting with Old Westminster Winery.
Quarantini 9:   The Fourth Wall's Bites Back featuring Gray Wolf Craft Distillery
Quarantini 10: The Fourth Wall's Chocolate Shake featuring Zivaara.
Quarantini 11: The Fourth Wall's Beer and Food Tasting with Dog Haus Biergarten.
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