Round House Theatre is committed to providing an accessible experience for everyone. We strive to maintain full access to patrons with disabilities. Our commitment and efforts towards establishing the best experience for all theatergoers is ongoing. Explore the theatre’s accessible features below. 


Accessible seating is available both in the orchestra and balcony levels for patrons with physical disabilities or mobility impairments. Please request special seating at time of ticket purchase.
Our theatre has raked seating, with steps to most rows. Most seats are fixed, though there are a limited number of free-standing seats that may be preferable for some patrons. 
Fixed Seat Dimensions:
Seat cushion: width 17”, depth 17”
Back: width 17”, height 20”
Distance between arm rests: variable, ranging from  17.5" to 18.5”
Free-Standing Seat Dimensions:
Seat cushion: width 17.5”, depth 17”
Back: width 17”, height 22”
No arm rests
The following seats are removable: Orchestra Row G, Seats 1, 2, 101, 121; Balcony Row CC, Seats  1, 2, 101, 102, 111, 112

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)

Round House provides FM audio enhancement  for all performances. 24 individual devices are available at the box office on a first-come-first-served basis. Additionally, Round House has 24 neck loops for those with hearing aids that have the T-coil switch, and  24 sets of headphones for patrons without hearing aids (12 over-the-head;  12 behind-the-head). Patrons interested in using an ALD must leave their name, seat location, and a phone number to hold device.

Audio-Described Performances 

 A professional audio describer provides a carefully timed narration of the onstage visual elements in the performance, including the action, costumes and scenery via Assistive Listening Devices, which are available for loan at each performance. 

Audio Described performances:

  • Sojourners: Sep 21 (matinee)
  • A Hanukkah Carol : Nov 30 (matinee)
  • What the Constitution Means to Me: Jan 25 (matinee)
  • Bad Books: Apr 12 (matinee)
  • King James: June 7 (matinee)

Open-Captioned Performances

Open captioning  provides patrons with live text presentation of onstage dialogue on a monitor. A professional captioner scrolls up to three lines of text at a time in sync with the actors' spoken word. Rows E-H, seats 101-109 have the most direct line of sight to the monitor. Captions can be seen from most seat locations except for the outside edges of the audience. 

Open-captioned performances:

  • Sojourners: Sep 28 (matinee)
  • A Hanukkah Carol : Dec 7 (matinee)
  • What the Constitution Means to Me: Feb 1 (matinee)
  • Bad Books: Apr 19 (matinee)
  • King James: June 14 (matinee)

Mask-Required Performances

While Round House no longer requires masks at most performances in our theatre, we recognize that some patrons may prefer to attend performances in a fully masked environment. Masks are required for all patrons at the following performances:

  • Sojourners: Oct 1, Oct 5 (matinee)
  • A Hanukkah Carol : Dec 10, Dec 14 (matinee)
  • What the Constitution Means to Me: Feb 4, Feb 8 (matinee)
  • Bad Books: Apr 22, Apr 26 (matinee)
  • King James: June 17, June 21 (matinee)

Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances are specially adapted shows for adults and children who might benefit from a more relaxed environment. Our Relaxed Performances aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals with sensory and cognitive disabilities, their families, and friends. Tickets to Relaxed Performances are affordable and are fully refundable up until the show begins.

Use promo code RELAXED25 to access tickets for these performances, or call the Box Office at (240) 644.1100.

Accommodations for Relaxed Performances may include:

  • A pre-visit guide for our theatre and other preparatory materials explaining what to expect.
  • Low lighting in the theatre so patrons are able to see should they need to move around or exit the theatre
  • Patrons are free to talk and leave their seats during the performance
  • Permitted use of mobile electronic devices during the performance (If you need your phone, it is okay to leave it on, but please make sure it is on a setting that minimizes noises and lights that might disrupt the show)
  • Designated quiet spaces for those who might feel overwhelmed and need a break from the performance
  • Reduction of sound levels, particularly loud or startling sounds (for some productions)
  • Reduction of overwhelming stage lighting (for some productions)

For more information, please call the box office at 240.644.1100 or email


Using the services of Maryland Relay, patrons who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, or Speech Disabled can easily communicate through TTY (text telephone) with the Round House Box Office about performances in our theatre. For more information about using Maryland Relay’s TTY service visit

If you have any questions or suggestions, we are available to assist you. Email us at