Summer Camp 2022

Why Take Camp at Round House Theatre?

It’s great fun! But it also offers much more.  

Children engaged in the arts excel. They develop important skills like collaboration, creativity, communication, and collaboration as well as analytical and creative thinking skills.  

Round House’s teaching artists nurture students’ individual talents in an environment of creative collaboration and ensemble building. Students in our summer programs not only have a great time and build connections with fellow artists, but they also gain confidence and the ability to access their imaginations and articulate their ideas.  

From the five-year-old learning to imagine, plan, and create their costume to the fifth grader devising a scene with their partner, or the teen editing a scene for their film, students of all ages and backgrounds can experience the joy of creating and sharing theatre in programs that inspire creativity, exercise imaginations, and promote artistic risk-taking. Students of all ages will leave each action-filled day excited to return for more learning!

Safety/Covid policies: Round House Theatre Education will continue to follow best practices based upon the guidance of MD Department of Health, the CDC. and the American Camp Association. ALL CAMPERS 5 AND ABOVE WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE UP TO DATE COVID VACCINATIONS IN ORDER TO ATTEND CAMP.

Questions?  Email or call 301.585.1225.

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