In order to help Round House through this period of uncertainty, please consider a gift to our Resilience Fund. Your financial support will ensure we can sustain operations through this crisis and be prepared to produce bold, outstanding theatre in our 2020-2021 Season. 
When faced with an unprecedented health crisis, Round House made the difficult decision to cancel both the remainder of our 2019-2020 Season and our annual Gala - the right decision for the safety of our community, but a $400,000 loss of revenue for Round House. Thanks to the hard work of our staff and the guidance of our dedicated and generous Trustees, Round House entered this crisis in a strong financial position.
However, the disruption to our business will have a significant impact on our ability to sustain the theatre. We are asking you, a valued member of our community, to help secure our future. In these uncertain times, Round House’s priorities are clear:
  • keep our staff employed,
  • help artists who are out of work,
  • provide artistic and educational offerings online, and
  • make sure we are prepared artistically and financially to launch our next season.


Where does my gift go?

A gift of any size is appreciated by Round House and goes towards tangible items and expenses that allow us to continue opperating.   
  • $100 will make you a member of Round House's Inner Circle, including a subscription to our Backstage donor newsletter, special virtual events, and invitations to Inside Look production previews
  • $250 will keep the water running at the theatre for two weeks
  • $500 will fund one staff member’s health insurance for one month
  • $1,000 will buy a laptop to support our teaching artists as they design programs for new online education initiatives
  • $3,000 will keep the phones and internet on at Round House for one month, enabling us to stay connected to our community
  • $5,000 will support IT services for one month, enabling Round House staff to connect while working remotely to offer all-new content and opportunities
  • $7,500 will keep the electricity on at the theatre


Give onlineClick here.

Give by Phone – Call 240.641.5352.
Mail your check to:
Round House Theatre
Attn: Resilience Fund
4545 East-West Highway
Bethesda, MD 20814

Recommend a grant to Round House through your Donor Advised Fund.

For stock and wire transfer information, please email Development@RoundHouseTheatre.org.

Round House Theatre is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Federal Tax ID #52-1289737

Who benefits from my gift?

Not just Round House, but you!

Even though our physical doors are closed, Round House continues to provide artistic and education content with FREE digital programming on a weekly basis! Check out the full slate of offerings, including Homebound (an original web series featuring local artists and playwrights), theatre education challenges for all age groups, Playwrights on Plays (discussions with playwrights on their work and a play that has inspired them!), and Quarantini cocktail recipes from our Fourth Wall Bar & Café manager Hudson Tang.

Visit Round House at Your House


"I just wanted to take a minute to thank the teaching artists for their excellent first week of online camp! My boys really enjoyed it! I was able to witness some of the activities and marveled at the staff’s ability to keep things interesting and active for the kids. I also very much appreciated their obvious desire to give everyone equal air time, their focus on kindness, and the highlight of Juneteenth!"
  -Tanya, parent

"Round House has become such an important community for Olivia and our family, and I continue to be impressed by how quickly and thoughtfully you all were able to pivot and adapt class offerings under this new platform. The sense of community that Round House's teaching artists cultivate-even from afar-is so very appreciated, and I know having that continuity was a huge comfort for Olivia during these unusual times."
  -Chelsea H., parent

"At a time when arts organizations are suffering along with so many other areas of our society, Round House Theatre in Bethesda has done a great job providing virtual content, and I'm so glad that my daughter was able to be a part of this programming! With reports this week of the Shakespeare Globe Theatre in London and others not expecting to be able to keep their doors open once the pandemic subsides, I hope you'll support however you can."
  -Elizabeth F., parent

"Thanks for all the new content! The boys have really been enjoying the Round House videos!"
   -Tanya P., parent
"Round House Theatre presents thoughtful high quality entertainment and is stepping up to provide it in a new way during the pandemic. Kudos to their devotion to theater art and to their determination to continue making it available!"
   -Mona S., via Facebook

"A standing ovation for Round House's innovative Playwrights on Plays series. Last week's first installment was excellent; looking forward to all the future scheduled discussions."
  -Round House subscriber

"Thanks for the wonderful news about Round House's plans for digital programming! It's a great initiative and very much appreciated by students and parents."
  -Anne M., parent

“Ingenuity at work!”
  -City of Takoma Park 

“What a powerful piece. Thank you for creating art to help us navigate this moment and learn more about how to live compassionately.”
  -Caryn M. on Homebound

“My kids have been SO excited about these challenges. THANK YOU!!!!”
  -Rachael S. on Theatre Education Challenges

“Thank you for bringing this delightful play to us…This is such a fun idea and I appreciate your courage and creativity.”
  -Kristen C. on Homebound

“Congrats…an engaging and enlightening discussion!”
  -Ron S. on Playwrights on Plays

"We've really enjoyed Homebound and it is wonderful to see the respect that RHT has earned by its response to the pandemic with such an original and innovative idea, which also employs so many theatre artists!"
  -Susan G., Round House patron

“I feel fortunate to have the ability to see the show and hear the discussions while I am currently 2,000 miles away. I would never have had this opportunity to be "close to you." Watching the show and the two discussions continues to make me very proud of the work that RHT continues to do. Keep up the creativity!”
  -Elissa O., on Homebound



“Round House is trying to respond to this destabilizing moment with immediacy and artistry, using the tools it has to maintain a connection with its audience.”
  -The New York Times

“Many regional theaters have moved to the digital realm while their stages are dark, but Homebound is unique because it involves multiple writers spinning an evolving tale.” 
  -The Washington Post

Round House Resilience Fund Donors

Round House is deeply grateful to those that have generously supported the Resilience Fund. Now more than ever, we rely on a strong community of donors. Thank you!

Kristin Abbott
Kristin Abkemeier
Mr. David Ackerman
Joy & Ira Adler
Kyle Warren Ahrold
James Åkerson
Abraham Akresh
Marisa G Alford
Bruce Alpert
Dale Allen
Martha E. Alliston
Paul and Donna Amico
Erin Anderson
Anonymous (4)
Alan and Susan Apter
Christina Arrostuto
Ms. Henrietta Asen
Carol Assmann
Mandie Aubrey
Andrew Auerbach
Elaine Augot
Amy Austin
Lucie Austin
Ivy Baer and Marc Rothenberg
Kristin Bailey
Barbara Baker
Marla and Bobby Baker, Baker-Merine Family Foundation
Shannon Baker-Branstetter
Kate and Stephen Baldwin
Jean Galloway Ball
Marjorie and Harley Balzer
Phylis Banish
Catherine Baroang
Suzanne Barone and Ronald Medford
Paula Barrows
Noah Bartolucci
Mary S Bartshe
Sonya Baskerville
Jane Beard and Jeff Davis
Ms. Arlene Becker
Nan Beckley
Kathy Bell
Marcia Bell
Janet and Aldo Benini
Mary Bergeron
Heather and Alice Bergman
Jeffrey Bergman
Ellen L Berman
David A Berkenbilt
Ellen L. Berman
Gerald Berman and Roslyn Levison
Cathy Bernard
Ms. Tobie Bernstein and Mr. Jeff Klueter
Janet and Robert Berry
Irving and Vivian Beyda
Doug and Lorraine Bibby
Richard Binder and Elaine Kotell Binder
Caroline Blakely
Liz Blessing
Veronica Blette
Edie Blitzstein
Barbara Bloch
Marian Block and Ed Rosic
Wendy and Eben Block
Sondra and Stewart Block
Don and Jan Boardman
Diane Boehr
Lisa Borghesi
Jose Bonangelino
Jerry and Hedy Bookin-Weiner
Judith Bowles
Yvette D. Bowser
Judy Braham
Carole & Nicholas Brand
The Bricker Family
John Britton
Elise Brooks
Sharon P Brown
Michael L. Burke and Carl W. Smith
Rhoda Bush
Susan and Dixon Butler
Ellen R Butts
Mr. William Butz
Bill Cain
Thea Calder
Tison and Kathryn Campbell
Jenny Cannon
Ms. Carol Capps
Elizabeth Carder and Larry Thompson
Joe Cartwright & Susan Punnett
Michele Certo
Rosemary Chalk and Michael Stoto
Wallace Chandler
Ava Chappell
Bill & Anne Charrier
William Choi
Daniel Chwastyk
Oliver Chwastyk
Andrew and Sarah Cissna
Lynn Clarkson
Nancy Clusen
Tanya Coble
Bruce Cohen
Stacey Colino
Els Collins
Pat Conley
Kristen Conte
Cook Family
Juli Cooper
Mrs. William Cooper
Damon Cordom
Tom Corwin
Lisa Cosgrove-Davies
Kathleen Davin
Andrew Davis
Dolores Coutts
Edward Cowan
Kim and Jason Cragg
Janice King Crawford Anne Cross
Louise Crissman
Anne Culver
Halina Cymerman
Susan and Sandeep Dahiya
Ms. Rosalie Anne Dahlen-Hartfield
Margaret Dallett
Sara Dauber
Oliver and Roxanne Davidson
Ms. Belle Davis
Korin Davis
Richard Davis
De-Lea Deane-Allen
Karen Deasy
Anne deBuys
Susan De La Torre
Ted Deming & Roz Ridgway
Jane DeMouy
Hugh and Ruey Dempsey
Julie Dennis
Ms. Adrienne Dern
Diona DeShields
Stephanie deSibour
Katherine DeWitt
Lois and Marvin Dicker
Ms. Rachel Dickon
Andrea Drimmer
Dimick Foundation
Jeanne Dimmick
Robert Disch
Judith Distler
Robert Dobyns
Mikhail D Dolbilov
Joseph and Linda Dominic
Laura Douglas
Timothy Douglas
Marcia Dresner
Carol Drew
John Driscoll
Patricia Dubroof
Susan Ducey & Mike Jamilkowski
Deborah Duffy
Kevin and Sara Duke
Maurice Dunn
Mitch and Heidi Dupler
Beth Durham
Sabine Durier
Bill and Donna Eacho
Victoria Edouard
Judy Edstrom
Alan S Eisen
Patty Eisen
Jessica Elkins
Barbara Elkus
Catherine Emmett
Gerald Epstein and Ellen Mika
Clare Evans
Sally A. Fasman
Doris Feinsilber
Rich and Pam Feinstein
Monica Feit
Jeanne Fekade-Sellassie
Meera Feldberg
Mr. Aurelius Fernandez
Christina Files
Donna Firer and Brian McLaughlin
Nathalie Fischer
Tracy Fisher
Aileen Fitzpatrick
Terry Fletcher
Laura Forman and Richard Bender
Lawrence Franks
Elizabeth Franzino & Andrew Keith
Ms. Elisabeth R. French
Cecile Fruman
Elisha Frumkin
Barbara Fugate
Louis W Fusco
Margarete Gallivan
Carol Gant
Janet Garber
Ms. Nicole Gardner, in memory of June Willenz and Karin Webb
Nancy Garrison
Reem Ghandour
Tina Gianquitto
Drew Gibbons
Sam and Linda Gibbons
Susan and Timothy Gibson
Ann and Frank Gilbert
Susan Gilbert and Ron Schechter
Jane Glickman
Ellen and Michael Gold
Ellen Goldberg
Mrs. Leslie Goldberg
Sara Goldberg
Diane Goldman
Susan Golonka
Dawn Goodman
Tyrone S Goodwyn
Vivian & Phillip Gorden
Mr. David Gorsline
Nancy Gottesman and David Kurlandsky
Mike, Natalie and Cole Greenberg
Michael Greene
Mike Greenhut
Julie Greenspoon
Regina Greenspun
Phyllis Greer
Alice Gregal
Alan Gregerman
Janine Gregory
Susan and Peter Greif
Janet Griffin
Jane & Jeff Griffith
Carol Griffith
Leslie Grizzard and Joe Hale
Michael Gross
Ed Grossman and Rochelle Stanfield
Jon Grossman
Sandra Guerrant
Tom & Karen Guszkowski
Christina Halpern & Family
Nerissa Hamilton-Vom Baur
Jay and Robin Hammer
Alan and Bonnie Hammerschlag
Elisabeth Hanan
Michael Hansen and Nancy Randa
Andrew Harasty
Joan and Jeff Harn
Ellen Harpel
Jay and Maureen Harris
Kate Harrison
Joan Hartman Moore
Judith Hautala
Nancy Havlik
Ivette & Michael Hayes
Robert E. Hebda
Ms. Mindy Hecker
Julie Heifetz
Michael Heintz
Madeline Helbraun
Ann Helfman
Alan Helgerman
Connie Heller
Robyn Helzner
Rochelle Helzner
Kevin Henderson
Paul Henderson
Margaret Hennessey
Mrs. Patti Herman
Ellen Herscowitz
Robin Hettleman and Matthew Weinberg
Catherine Higgins
Dale Hill
Christopher Hinton
Linda Lurie Hirsch
Leonard Hockstader
Ellen Hoffman
Susan Hoffman
Maria Holleran Rivera
Jane Holmes
Robbins and Giles Hopkins
Glen and Lauren Howard
Amy Hubbard
David & Katherine Hubley
Julie Huff
Angela L Hughes
Howard and Ella Iams
Deborah Ingram
Mark Israel
C Jackson
Nan C Jackson
Ms. Debbie Minter Jackson
David Jacobs
Rachel R Jaffe
Emma Janger
Rose Jenkins
Christine Jessup
Larry* and Sue Jeweler
Joy Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Sasha Johnson
Judy and Peter Jonas
Elaine E Joost
Elke Jordan
Michael Joy & Deborah Fischer
Scott Jung
Ms. Celesta Jurkovich
Frank and Kristin Justice
Veronica Kannan
Laureen Kapin
Daniel Kaplan and Kay Richman
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaplan
Jessica Kaplan
Valerie Kaplan
Rick Kasten
Dawn Keane
Kari and Dave Keaton
Sarah Keegan
Amanda Kegu
Sarah Kellogg
Richard Kellogg
Charles Kelly
James Michael Kelly
Katherine Kelly
Ms Erna Kerst
Ann and Neil Kerwin
David S. Kessler
Lynn Kinch
Joanne King
Neil King
Beth Kirshenberg
Alexandra Knox
Dana and Ray Koch
Ellen Kohn
Michael W. Kolakowski
Cheryl Kollin
Sandi Komarow
Martha Dippell/Danny Korengold
Michael Kozubek
Debra Kraft and Rob Liberatore
Mr. Stephen Kraskin
Laura J Kravis
Micah and Elaine Krichevsky
David Kriebs
Simeon M Kriesberg and Martha L Kahn
Barry Kropf
Sharon and Dan Kuebbing
David Kriebs
Claire Kurs
Elissa Laitin
Mary Lanigan
Connie Lausten
Andy Lawrence
Patricia Lawrence
Marion Ein Lewin
Megan Libby-Mueller
Monica Lobel Lightman and Family
Philip Lilienthal
Debra Kraft and Rob Liberatore
Philip Lilienthal
Laurie and Len Lipton
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lowell
Olivier D. Long, Esq.
Jan Lower and Paul Berger
Patricia Lynch
Susan Lynner
William Lammers
Ann and Bruce Lane
Bryan Lapidus
Isiah and Catherine Leggett
Beverly Lehrer
Darrell Lemke and Maryellen Trautman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lent
Stephen H. Leppla
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Renee Lessans
Carol Levin
Ms. Paula Levine
Abbe Levine
Sanford Levy
Felice Li
Erik Lichtenberg and Carol Mermey
Regan Linton
Joel Liss
Carol Lite
Sue Liu
Karen and John Lowe
Karen Lubieniecki
Margaret Luthringer
Patricia Lynch
Mad About You Paper Crafts & Gifts
Brian and Judy Madden
Sheila Madhani
Mary Maguire
Louise Maillett
Ms. Ellen Maland
Ellen Malasky
Simone Malloy
David and Pamela Roberts Malmgren
Steven and Barbara Mandel
Allison Mankin
The Manyin-Philipps Family
B. Thomas Mansbach
Amanda M Martin
Patricia Martin
Paul and Zena Mason
Mary Masulla
Chris and Kathleen Matthews
Winton Matthews, Jr.
Mr. Alan E Mayers
Lou Mazawey
Mary McComb
RD McCray
Marianne McDonald
R. Wesley Meekins
Francie Mendelsohn
Katie Meskill
McFarland Family
Anna McGowan
Harriet McGuire
Marvin and Jo Anne McIntyre
Deanne McKenzie
Anne McKinney
F. Barry and Janice McLean
Judith McLean
Marjorie McMann
Maureen and Michael McMurphy
Rekha Mehra
Lisa Meister
Ms. Molly Merrill
Katie Meskill
Lisa Mezzetti
Carol L. Middlebrook
Holly Middleton
Lauren Mihalcik
Mary Mihalyi
Ellen Miles
Andy Miller
Antoinette Miller
Aruna and David Miller
Jeff Miller
Joanna Miller and Lachlan Bell
Paulette Miller
Susan Milligan and Philip McGuire
Nancy Mills
Tish Mills
Katie Milone
Ms. Janet Mitchell
Amy Mix
Kathy Monday
Angela Modrick
James Montgomery
Ms. Audrey Morris
Anita Morrison
Mike and Mary Morse
Nigel Mote
Aileen Murck
Kate Myers and Eric Benson and Isaac Benson
Nancy Nachbar
Nancy Nantais
Carl and Undine Nash
Charles Nash
Vicky Nathan
Juhem Navarro-Rivera
Mrs. Chony Nelson
Winkle W Nemeth
Thomas Nerad & Jane Tomlinson
Cory Newman
Martha Newman
Jennifer Newton
David Nierman
Laura Noell
Ms. Cecilia Nunez
Karen Nussbaum
Nancy M. Nyland
Marsha OBannom
Stephanie Olshan
Geri Olson
Catherine and Patrick O'Reilley
Marsha Obusek
Judith Oppenheim
John and Margie Orrick
Ms. Nancy Osgood and Sim Shanks
Elissa and Bill Oshinsky
Emeline Otey
Mary Padgett
Jim and Joan Palmer
Christine Pena Renee Parcover
Ellen Paseltiner
Ms. Jenny Pate
D. Pathmanathan
Margaret Patterson
Patricia Patterson
Sally J. Patterson
Carrie Patterson
Betsy Paull
Dean Peacock
Jody Peacock
Glenn and Nancy Pearson
M Pease
Henry and Linda Pelzman
Christine Pena
Andrea & Alan Pendleton
Judith Perry
Julie Phillips
Katherine Pickett
Heather Plank
Larissa Plants
Faith Potts
Zack Powell
Erica Preston
Tanya Primiani
Elizabeth Purcell
Thomas Purcell
Beverly Purdue
Dena and Jerry Puskin
Maureen Rabinovitz
 Elizabeth Racheva
William Ragen
Margaret Randol
Nina Rao
Kenzie Raulin
Linda Ravdin and Don Shapero
Ken Redd
Laurice Redhead
Everett Redmond
Alisa Reff
Susan and David Reichardt
Susan and Bill Reinsch
Dennis Renner and Michael Krone
Sharon Rennert
Nancy Riker
Lawrence Riesenbach
Ryan and Christy Rilette
Susan Robertson
Anna Robbins
Dianne Rodman
David and Gayle Roehm
Lee and Deborah Rogers
Michelle and KenYatta Rogers
Clifford Johnson and Margaret RoperIra Rosenbaum
Janet Rosenbaum
Vivian Rosskamm
Jane Rostov
Sandra Rothwell
The Rowny Foundation
Judith Rubinstein
Gregory Rusk
Isla Ryan
Linda Ryan
Katie Ryder
Nancy Sachs
Marie Saeger
Victoria Sams
Evelyn Sandground and Bill Perkins
Froma Sandler
James Saulsbury
Bill and Dottie Schmidt
Joan Schwartz
Tucker Scully and Lee Kimball
Amy Selco and Kevin Keeley
Mark and Judy Sandstrom
Julia and James Schaeffer
Barbara Schaffer
Diane Scheininger
Mary Schellinger
Mr. Stanley Schofer
Joanne and Charles Schwarz
Kathryn Scott
Ronnee Segal
Megan Shaine
Mr. Alan Shakin
Allan Shapiro and Jaye Helferd
Share Fund
April Shelford
Becky Sherblom
Helen Shockley
Professor Elaine Showalter
Scott Ableman & Debbie Shrager
Mark and Merrill Shugoll
Ms. Cora Simpson
Dave & Mickie Simpson
Betty & Les Sims
Mari Silbey
Amy Silver
Daniel and Sybil Silver
Joanna Silver
Ira Silverman
Stuart Sirkin and Arlene Farber Sirkin
Kimberly Six
Carol Slatin
Caroline Smith DeWaal
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
Edgar Smith
Jeff and Jane Smith
Karen MacRae Smith
Michael Smith
Sidra Smith
Helen Smits
Jane L. Smulyan
Paul Sorlie
Pamela and John Spears
Lynn and William Spector
Nessa Spitzer
Judy Squires
Jelena Stajic
Lisa Stand
Luanne and Marc Stanley
Christina Staufenberger
Leslie Stein
Merle Steiner
Richard Steiner
Beth Stekler
Hillary Stern
Jane and Herb Stevens
Melanie Stevenson
Valerie Stone
Jennifer Strasburger
Susan Strasser
Tom Strikwerda
Gwydion Suilebhan
Catherine Sullivan
Jay Sushelsky
Robert Sweibel
Jessica Swope
Anne Talvacchio
Shekhar Tamasker
Andrea Taylor
Phil Taylor
Riley Temple
Margaret Tevis
Dan and Michlyne Thal
Lisa Thamasett
George Thiede
Elizabeth Thornhill
Anna Ting
Marjorie Tommer
Gary Toney
David Torok
Melissa Trainer
Martha Trunk
Stephen Turow
Ruth Uhlmann
Sarah VanWye
Lucinda Vavoudis
Joyce Vialet
Patti Vining
Debby Vivari
Sylvia Wagner
Susan Wait
Jean A. Walker
Mara Walker
Renate Wallenberg
Steven Wattenmaker
Barry Weinberg
Leon Weintraub
Nina Weisbroth and Lawrence Culleen
Wege Family
Jennifer Wellman-Andryuk
Waldo Wentz
George and Patti White
The White Family
Minaal Evan Wickremesinghe
Ms. Sheila Wilcox
Cynthia Wilcox
Madeline & Gary Wilks
Mr. Larry Willett
Gregory A Williams
Roger Williams and Ginger Macomber
Terry Witowsky
Judy Lyons Wolf
Ryan Woods
Leslye Wooley
Lacey Wootton
Allen Wyrick
Sara Trautman-Yegenoglu
Kyong Yun
Annette Zacarías
Ed and Judy Zakreski
Von and Peter Zeldow
Lynda and Joe Zengerle
Judy and Leo Zickler
Margot Zimmerman
Frederick Zirm
Andrew Zvara 
This list is current as of July 1, 2020. If you would like to update your donor listing, please contact us at Development@RoundHouseTheatre.org.
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