Welcome to American Dreams, a government-run game show where contestants compete for the ultimate prize: instant citizenship to the United States. As a member of the online studio audience, you (yes, you!) get to decide which of three hopeful immigrants most deserves the privilege of joining “the greatest nation on earth.” With real-time audience interaction, voting, Q&As, and more, American Dreams is a playful, participatory exploration of American values. What do we choose to believe? How do those choices shape us? Just in time for the election, Round House is proud to host American Dreams for the week-long kickoff to its nation-wide virtual tour. “It’s a game. It’s a show. It’s America!”


Working Theater is the lead producer for the virtual production of American Dreams in partnership with Round House Theatre, Salt Lake Acting Company, HartBeat Ensemble, The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, University of Connecticut, and Marin Theatre Company, co-commissioned by Arizona State University and Texas Performing Arts, with support from the JKW Foundation.

Created and developed by Leila Buck and Tamilla Woodard with Jens Rasmussen in collaboration with Osh Ghanimah, Imran Sheikh and the company with Andre Ali Andre, Leila Buck, India Nicole Burton, Jens Rasmussen, Imran Sheikh, Andrew Valdez.

“This smart, provocative play deserves to go on to be produced in as many U.S. cities as are on the map.”
-The Plain Dealer
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