I’ve purchased my ticket. How do I watch the show?

  1. Click here to log into your account on Round House Theatre’s website using the email address and password you used at the time of purchase.
  2. Click Digital Content on left side of page. Virtual events to which you hold tickets will be listed here. (Don’t see the Digital Content link? You may need to click My Account first.)
  3. Click the View Content button for the show you’d like to watch. (Please note that play content will not be available until the day each show premieres.)
We encourage you to test your patron login in advance!
Log in, click My Account and then Digital Content. Your virtual events are listed here, and a button that says “View Content” will appear as performances become available.
Can I watch these paid performances on any other site?
No, these performances are only available by logging into your account directly through
What browsers do you recommend?
The recommended browsers for viewing are Chrome 30+, Firefox 27+, Microsoft Edge, or Safari 9+. Internet Explorer will not work well with the video stream.
Can I watch these plays on my television?
Our paid performances are accessible only through an internet browser. If you have an existing at-home system with a SmartTV or device that allows you to stream, cast, or mirror to your television set, you may use that method to watch our performances. Tips and tools for additional viewing options are available here.

(Please note that, while we are happy to provide these tips on how to watch these paid performances on other devices, we are unable to provide any customer service or technical support for TV streaming.)
Can more than one member of my household view the play?
Yes—you only need one log-in and ticket per household. Anyone outside of your household, however, would need to purchase a separate ticket and set up their own account.
What if I forgot my log-in info?
Our box office associates are happy to assist if you have trouble logging in to your account for viewing. However, most people can update their passwords themselves. Once you are on the login page, click the “forgot password” link, enter your information, and await the password reset email. If you are still experiencing difficulties, you may reach out to our box office via email at
If you have reserved a ticket for an event through a means other than a direct ticket purchase (e.g. press; Free Play student ticket program), you will need to apply a password to your account in order to log in and view the performance. Click reset your password and enter the email address you used to reserve your ticket, and await the password reset email. If you are still experiencing difficulties, you may reach out to our box office via email at
When will the plays be available for viewing?
Nine Night will be available to stream beginning on January 27, 2022*, and tickets must be purchased before the end of the play's performance run (January 30, 2022). The play will remain available for ticket holders to stream on demand through February 13, 2022. You may view it at your convenience at any time during that period. 

*Please note: This performance was originally scheduled to be released on January 20.
How do I control the volume?
In addition to the regular sound capabilities of your chosen viewing device, there is a volume control button inside the video stream of the play, located in the lower right corner of the video frame.
Can I control the video quality?
Yes, there is a video resolution quality located in the lower right corner of the video frame. It usually defaults to "auto" to adjust to your bandwidth automatically, but you may opt to control this manually if you prefer. If the video is continually starting and stopping, you may want to try reducing video quality. Here is an article with a thorough explanation of internet speed as matched to the video player quality, as well as the ability to test your internet speed:
Can I make the video full screen?
Yes, there is an option to view the video in full screen mode. That option is located in the lower right corner of the video frame. To exit full screen mode at any time, you can press the "Esc" button to return to the main viewing page.
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