We hope everyone had a great time with us during summer camp 2022!  Watch this page for information about summer camp 2023 in December.


Let your imagination be your guide as you embark on fantastic adventures!

Destinations is a theatre arts camp fueled by the imaginations of our students. Budding artists participate daily in acting, design, and movement. Each afternoon students then apply their new skills and their own imaginations to create theatrical adventures. At the end of each week, we welcome family to join us for a celebratory sharing of our favorite experiences and creations.

Each session features a different theme–from Magical Kingdoms to Animation Adventures–inviting students to unique and exciting experiences week after week. Students can attend multiple sessions and will never visit the same place twice!   

“I love how the programs tie art, storytelling, and culture together.” RHT parent
“We loved the incorporation of design—my students can’t get that experience anywhere else.” RHT Parent
“I appreciate the fact that a child is encouraged to use imagination and creativity while having fun.” RHT parent
“My daughter really enjoyed the opportunity to create, in that not everything was adult-directed and tightly structured.” RHT parent

A Day of Destinations might include students watching an age-appropriate video about the Great Barrier Reef, then heading to a design class where they imagine, plan, and create their own jellyfish and fish puppets. It could continue with a movement class that explores how to move as an ensemble while embodying different sea creatures. A session in acting could lead students through creating characters who interact with the very puppets they created earlier in the day. An afternoon playmaking session brings it all together, when students create their own adventurous day for young jellyfish in the reef using blacklights and a background they paint themselves, and then sharing their play with their friends from another class. The day includes several snack and rest breaks, as well as other less-structured time.

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