Round House Theatre Education is offering an exciting array of virtual classes for students during the school year. These programs inspire creativity, exercise imaginations, and promote artistic risk-taking, while developing skills in critical thinking, cooperation, and self-confidence. Our online classes focus on engagement and activity.  Every child can benefit from the opportunity to channel their energy and creativity.   

"Round House is always a great mix of learning, movement, and fun, but I've been super impressed by the adaptation to online classes (both in camp and in the online class my student took in the Spring)." 
-  Round House Education parent
"This week of camp has been a lot of fun. I was telling my wife that this is what school should be like during this virtual/distance learning time we are all living through.  Active kids like ours struggle with Zoom for long stretches and the movement activities have been a hit, keeping him engaged and enjoying camp."
-  Round House Education parent

I highly recommend Round House Theatre Programs not only as a creative outlet, but as an environment that encourages kids to work together and take pride in their own ideas. Round House has been a fantastic experience.
-Round House Parent

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