2016-2017 Season Donors

We are grateful for our extensive community of donors who support Round House each year. This list is current as of March 27, 2017 and reflects the giving of an individual or organization for the fiscal year 2016 or 2017, whichever is greater. If you have any questions or need to request an edit to your listing, please contact the Development Department at development@roundhousetheatre.org or 240-644-1403.

Diamond Circle ($100,000+)

Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County
Cathy S. Bernard
Maryland State Arts Council
Judy and Leo Zickler

Platinum Circle ($50,000 – $99,999)

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
Heidi and Mitch Dupler

Gold Circle ($25,000 – $49,999)

Michael Beriss and Jean Carlson
Data-Prompt, Inc.
Steve Joyce
MARPAT Foundation
Nora Roberts Foundation
Share Fund
The Shubert Foundation

Silver Circle ($10,000 – $24,999)


Margaret Abell Powell Fund of the William S. Abell Foundation
Esthy and Jim Adler
Lorraine and Doug Bibby
Elaine and Richard Binder
Clark Charitable Foundation
The Cora and John H. Davis Foundation
Richard and Pamela Feinstein
Susan Gilbert and Ron Schechter
Carolyn and Warren Kaplan
Daniel Kaplan and Kay Richman
Bruce and Ann Lane Family Fund
Jeffrey and Carolyn Leonard
Marion Ein Lewin
J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Pasternak & Fidis
Linda Ravdin and Don Shapero
The Rowny Foundation
Sulica Fund
Thorn Law Group
Bernard and Ellen Young

Bronze Circle ($5,000 – $9,999)


Don and Nancy Bliss
Don and Jan Boardman
Ann and Frank Gilbert
John and Margaret Hauge
Henry B. & Jessie W. Keiser Foundation
Judy and Brian Madden
Paul and Zena Mason
Nora Roberts Foundation
Susan and Bill Reinsch
Kevin Roberts
Hank Schlolsberg, in honor of Paul Mason, Mark Shugoll, and Marin Ein Lewin
Dian and Steve Seidel
Robin Sherman
Mark and Merrill Shugoll
Patti and Jerry Sowalsky
Laura and Robert Walther
The Weissberg Foundation
Anne and Robert Yerman

Copper Circle ($2,500 – $4,999)


Marla and Bobby Baker, Baker-Merine Family Foundation
Chevy Chase Trust
City of Rockville
Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts
Dimick Foundation
Jan and Jim Eisner
Laura Forman and Richard Bender
Eric Glantz and Jessica Nassau
Graham Holdings Company
Neil Greene and Ellen G. Miles
Linda Lurie Hirsch
The JBG Companies
Heidi and Bill Maloni
Marriott International, Inc.
Susan Freeman McGee
Scott and Louise Melby
Montgomery County Executive’s Ball
Sally J. Patterson
Patricia Payne and Nancy Firestone
Mier and Cathy Wolf
Alan and Irene Wurtzel
Lynda and Joseph Zengerle
Paul and Margot Zimmerman

Sustainers ($1,500 – $2,499)


Dr. Clement Alpert*
Sue Ann and Kenneth Berlin
Fleishhacker Foundation
Carole and Robert Fontenrose
Carol Sue Fromboluti
The Greene-Milstein Family Foundation
Mindy Hecker
Robbins and Giles Hopkins
Reba and Mark Immergut
Bill and Kathryn Lane
Frank and Joanne Lavin
Lerch, Early & Brewer
Jeffrey Menick
Anne & Henry Reich Family Foundation, Lee G. Rubenstein, Co-President
Amy Selco
Pamela and John Spears

Benefactors ($1,000 – $1,499)


Nancy and Dan Balz
Jeffrey Bauman and Linda Fienberg
Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
Eileen and Paul DeMarco
William and Donna Eacho
David and Jane Fairweather
Thomas and Kathleen Fingleton
Paul and Shauna Fitzgerald
Susan and Peter Greif
Robin Hettleman and Matthew Weinberg
Richard Kasten
Janet Leno
Lynn and Phillip Metzger
Stacy Murchison
P. David Pappert
Toni A. Ritzenberg*
Mark and Ellen Rosenthal, in honor of Erin Kopelman making partner at Lerch, Early & Brewer
Evelyn Sandground and Bill Perkins
Linda and Steve Skalet
Susan Socolof
Harriet and Howard Shapiro
David and Peggy Shiffrin
Eugene* and Joan Shugoll
The Silsbee Family, in memory of Judy Silsbee
Susan and John Sturc
Marna Tucker and Lawrence Bake
Jerry and Jean Whiddon
Roger Williams and Ginger Macomber

Advocates ($500 – $999)


Rachel H.M. Abraham
Natalie Abrams
Kate and Stephen Baldwin
Teresa and Brent Blackwelder
Marian Block and Ed Rosie
Patricia Bryant
Lynn and Bill Choquette
Don and Kristin Cook
Arlene Friedlander
Stuart and Beverly Greenfeig
Edward Grossman and Rochelle Stanfield
Robert E. Hebda
Patti Herman
Liza Hogan
William L. Hopkins and Richard B. Anderson*
Bob and Wendy Kenney
Craig and Stephanie Kiker
Laura and David Klaus
Bryan Kustner
Darrell Lemke and Maryellen Trautman
Susan Lutz and John Maser
Louise Maillett
Winton Matthews, Jr.
Doug and Mary Beth McDaniel
Don McMinn and Harv Lester
Jan and Charles McNamara
Rona and Allan Mendelsohn
Catherine and Dennis O’Reilley
Mark and Teresa Plotkin
Jennifer Porter
Barbara Rapaport
Julie and Ron Redfern
Sheldon and Barbara Repp
Sandy Reznick
Ryan and Christy Rilette
Dr. Susan C. Robertson
Steven M. Rosenberg and Stewart C. Low III
Silver Spring-Kensington Rotary Club
Michelle Six
Arthur Spitzer and Elisabeth Boas
Luanne and Marc Stanley
Ed and Judy Zakreski

Associates ($250 – $499)


Actors’ Equity Foundation, Inc.
Celia Arnaud
Naomi and David Balto
Nan Beckley
Marty Bell
Ellen L. Berman
Patricia Bryant
Martin and Barbara Buzas
Jane and Fred Cantor
Wallace Chandler
Stacey Colino
Richard Cooper
Linda and Joseph Dominic
Pat Dorazio
Peggy Dugan
Anne and John Elsbree
Clare Evans
Duane and Barbara Fitzgerald
Susan and Timothy Gibson
Jackie Greenbaum
Helene Guttman
Frank Guzzetta and Paul Manville
Bill Hamilton and Paula Jackson
Barbara and William Hancock
Hon. Susan Hoffmann
Nikki Hoffpauir
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holmes
Larry Hothem
Carol and Terry Ireland
Judy and Peter Jablow
Larry and Sue Jeweler
David and Lisa Jones
Arnold and Sandra Leibowitz

Judy Gilbert Levey and Jeff Levey
Erik Lichtenberg
Freddi Lipstein and Scott R. Berg
Joan Lynn
Deanna and Thomas Marcum
Aleta Margolis
Keith Martin
Scott McCarthy
Deanna and Thomas Marcum
Pat McKee
John and Marie McKeon
Lisa Mezzetti
Joann Mican and Skip Mahon
Ina Milton
Alfred Munzer and Joel Wind
Bill and Suzanne Noonan
Geri and Dick Olson
Judith Oppenheim
Terry Peel
Geraldine Fogel Pilzer
Posner-Wallace Foundation
Marilyn and Barry Scheiner
Mary Schellinger
Sara Schotland
Edward Scott
Perry and Dianne Seiffert
Roger Simon
Cora Simpson
Luanne and Marc Stanley
David Stevens
Jay Sushelsky and Noreen Marcus
Lucinda and Stephen Swartz
Volker and Helga Treichel
Thelma Triche and Tom Calhoun
Ann Truss
United Way of the National Capital Area
Joan and Stanley Weiss
Jacqueline Werner and Richard Soffer
Larry Williams and Patti Pride
Kathryn Winsberg and Newton Stablein
Dean Zang
William and Charlene Zellmer

Enthusiasts ($100-$249)


Donald Adams and Ellen Maland
Brad Adelman
Dr. Robert Angerer and Dr. Pamela McInnes
Robert and Renate Arndt
Shushu Awanohara
Ann Baker and Chris Zeilinger
Rita Beier Braman
Jane and Albert Bender
Susan Berger
Irving and Vivian Beyda
Wendy and Eben Block
Richard and Bea Blumstein
Inga Blust
Diane Boehr
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Bonner
David Bradley
Sandy Bresnahan
Sylvia Brown
Liz and Charlie Clark
Nancy and Ed Colodny
Louise Crissman
Matt Crush
William and Clare Cumberland
Naira Darius
Janice and Larry Davidson
Erika Davies
Adriana De Leva
Carolyn Donnelly
Tony and Joan Edwards
Victoria Elliot
Rob Falk
Debbie Ferguson
Elisabeth R. French
Lawrence and Joan Friend
Suzi and Dave Gallagher
Janet Garber and Kris Keydel
Fred and Anne Geldon
Susan and Timothy Gibson
Jean and Christopher Gilson
Mark Goldberg
Al and Maxine Golub
Susan Gordon
Grace K. Gorlitz
Dr. Larrie Greenberg and Mrs. Joyce Greenberg
Ms. Brigid Haragan
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Harris
James Heegeman
Florence Hein
Aaron Heinsman
Michael and Judith Herman
Thomas Holzman and Alison Drucker
Susan and Paul Hyman
Elke Jordan
Jane A. Josephs
Larry Katzman
Charles Kelly
Alan and Leslie Kerxton
Cookie Kerxton
Elizabeth King
Tobie Bernstein and Jeff Klueter
Ruth Lammert-Reeves and Roger Reeves
Tom Lansford
Suzanne and Jon Lawrence
Phyllis and Mort Lessans
Donald Letourneau
Ann Hutchison Lung
Mary Maguire
Dave and Margo Maier
Steven Mandel
Rebecca Manyak
Scott McCarthy
Elizabeth and Robert McGuire
Janice Mehler
Dick Messalle
Alan Miller and Susan O’Hara
Pete Miller and Sara Cormeny
William Morley
Robert K. Musil and Caryn McTighe Musil
Karen Nelson
Michael Newman
Bob and Amanda Ogren
Heidi Onkst
John and Margie Orrick
Linda Pastan
Christopher Phillips
Joram and Lona Piatigorsky
Thea Pinskey
Everett Redmond
Laurance M. Redway
Eric J. Sanne and Judith Rivlin
Markley Roberts
David and Gayle Roehm
KenYatta Rogers
Lenora Sack
Mrs. Diane Schroth
Joan H. Searby
Linda and Len Simon
Linda and Leslie Smith
Robert and Marianne Smythe
Tara Sonenshine
Ed Spitzberg
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Spivack
Kevin Stogner
Manny Strauss and Betsy Karmin
Mr. Gilbert Sward
David Tannous
Sheila and Steven Taube
Steve Wattenmaker and Joan Timoney
Volker and Helga Treichel
Ms. Wanda Van Goor
Debby Vivari
Mary Washington
James Whalen
Terry Wight
Melinda Williams
Alyssa Wilmoth Keegan and Thomas Keegan
Linda and Manuel Zenick
Dan Zimmerman

Fans ($50-$99)


John and Nancy Abeles
Cathy Abramson and Barry Gottfried
Anne Adams
Marie Ali
Shushu Awanohara
Richard Baker
Barbara Banashek
Inga Blust
Anna Borg
Jane Boynton
Ms. Bromeland
Gizelle Bryant
Michael L. Burke and Carl W. Smith
Sydnee Calderwood
Dan and Eliza Carney
David Cherry
Mark Clark
Patricia Clay
Pat Conley
Lawrence Culleen
Christopher Cunningham
Rosalie Anne Dahlen-Hartfield
Mr. Louis Delair Jr.
Martha Denckla
Mark Dimunation
Gregory Dobbins
Judith Doctor
Jeannette P. Dubrow and Stephen Dubrow
Michael J. Eig
Michael Ellis-Tolaydo
Emma English
Charles Fenly
Steven Ferguson
Ginger Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Franzino
Barbara Gilbert
Joanne Gillespie
Herb Golden
Grace K. Gorlitz
The Graber Family
Regina Greenspun
James Hamilton
Frederic Harwood
Ivette and Michael Hayes
Anne Hinton
Tom Howley
Marcia Israeloff
Bari Itscoitz
Jill Jackson
Robin Jeweler & Larry Wiseman
Christina Kaneen
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kaplan
Larry and Jill Katz
Edward and Miriam Kelty
Cookie Kerxton
Stacey Koff
Carole Kolker
Rita and Irv Kopin
Robert Kraft
Rochard Kramer
Alan Landay
Robert Lent
Toby Linden
Carol Lite

Kathleen Lombardo
Philip MacNeill
Jennifer Madans
Dave and Margo Maier
Kathleen Marcou
Aleta Margolis
Alvin Martin
Catherine McAlpine
Mr. and Mrs. Jon McBride
John and Kathleen McCabe
David McGoff
Flynn McLean
Debra Millenson
Neil Miller
Alan Miller and Susan O’Hara
Leonard & Mona Mitnick
Erin Mooney
Ronald and Cappie Morgan
Judith Mullen
Vicky and Marc Nathan
Susan Neely
Kevin O’Connell
Lars Olson
John and Margie Orrick
Paul Orzulak and Beneva Schulte
Ilga Pakalns
Martine Palmiter
Fred Paul
Glenn and Nancy Pearson
Robert and Ann Posner
Elissa Leonard and Jay Powell
Carter Reardon and Liz Robelen
David Reich
Sandra Richardson
Jane Rostov
Jan Rothman
Hilda Rubin
Ludwig and Joan Rudel
Froma Sandler
Amy Schaffer
Joyce and Ronny Schaul
Jack Schwartz
Lonna Shafritz
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Shangold
Karen Shaulson
Marie Shirey
Sandra B. Shorr
Kimberly Six
Martha Smith
Jonathan Spaetzel
Debra Star
Ed Starr and Marilyn Marcosson
Sharon Steinberg
Randy Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stopak
James M. Tetrick
Barry and Jo Ann Thompson
Michael Tolaydo
Mary Truland
Natalie Tudor
Joyce Vialet
John M. Walker
Reed Waller
Erdine and Elizabeth Walter
Bunny and Paul Weinstein
Wayne Wilson
William Young
Elizabeth Zimmer