World Premiere
By Jon Klein
Directed by Derek Goldman
November 28 – December 30, 2012

Round House Theatre Bethesda

Kids tickets for Young Robin Hood are $10 (weekdays) and $15 (weekends)

“Clever…Young Robin Hood stands a good chance of becoming a staple…A solid ensemble… Entertainingly done.” – Washington Post

Young Robin Hood is virtually flawless.  It has adventure, comedy, romance, and a satisfying conclusion and is beautifully rendered in a skillful production.  It is as well-written and entertaining as any family-friendly production this reviewer has ever seen.  In every respect, Young Robin Hood hits the bull’s-eye.” – DC Theatre Scene

“Better than Annie on Broadway!” – 5 year old girl

“It rocks!” – 17 year old boy

“5 stars…The talent on the stage is breathtaking…An enchantingly creative, visually stunning story full of laughs, sword fights, acrobatics, love, and friendship.” – DC Metro Theater Arts

“This kinetic new take on the ages-old adventure story has lots of swashbuckling, cool stagecraft, and a legendary character you love to hate (aka The Sheriff of Nottingham).” – Our Kids

Travel to Sherwood Forest for some swashbuckling fun in this rousing new version of the classic adventure story.

Long before he robbed from the rich to give to the poor, the famed archer was just another teenager honing his skills. The King is off on the Crusades and Nottingham is at the mercy of the corrupt Sheriff, who twists the law and persecutes the poor. When his dad is falsely imprisoned, Robin must step up and orchestrate a rescue mission. Friendship is tested and new alliances are formed as Robin fights tyranny and injustice, with the unexpected help of the Sheriff’s feisty daughter Marian.

Robin Hood: Joe Isenberg
William Fitzooth:
Craig Wallace
Davis Chandler Hasty
Guy of Gisbourne:
JJ Kaczynski
An Abbott/Richard:
Jeff Allin
Laura C. Harris
Kimberly Schraf
Sean Silvia
Allie Villarreal
Sheriff of Nottingham:
Mitchell Hébert
Diana/Spirit of Sherwood Forest
: Emma Jaster

Director: Derek Goldman
Scenic Designer: 
Misha Kachman
Costume Designer:
 Ivania Stack
Lighting Designer: 
Kenton Yeager
Composer/Sound Designer: 
Matthew M. Nielson
Props Designer:
Andrea Moore
Fight Choreographer:
Casey Kaleba
Movement Coach:
Emma Jaster
Stage Manager:
Maribeth Chaprnka*

Sponsored in part through generous support from Michael Beriss and Jean Carlson

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