Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Round House Theatre is a home for outstanding ensemble acting and lifelong learning. We seek to captivate audiences with stories that inspire compassion, evoke emotions, and demand conversation.

Our Vision

Round House Theatre seeks to build one of the nation’s leading artistic ensembles by establishing long-term relationships with exceptional artists, and to integrate comprehensive theater education for patrons of all ages into every aspect of our work.

Our Values

  • Prioritize the use of local artists of diverse backgrounds.
  • Create a collaborative environment in which artists can do their best work.
  • Reflect the community that we serve.
  • Engage our audience in an ongoing dialogue of ideas.
  • Encourage lifelong learning and participation in theater.
  • Ensure that our work is accessible to patrons of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and economic groups.
  • Provide exceptional service and hospitality to our patrons.
  • Foster the happiness, excellence, and continued development of our staff and board.
  • Recognize that financial health and stability are essential to fulfilling our mission.