I Love to Eat audience members on their best meals

In the spirit of James Beard’s love of food, we’ve asked I Love to Eat patrons to tell us about the best meal they’ve ever prepared and/or the best meal they’ve ever eaten. They’ve posted their comments on cards on two large bulletin boards in our lobby. Here are just a few of the tasty responses we’ve received.

The Best Meal I Ever Prepared

A lot of the responses in this category involved a meal during a holiday or special occasion.

“My first Thanksgiving. The turkey was a little dry but I felt like a real grown-up”

“Roast suckling pig in my NYC apartment. 1968. Yummy”

“Chicken pieces/parts sautéed and seasoned with sea salt, pepper, and cinnamon, parsley, and rosemary, layers of American, provolone and peppercorn cheeses, and a first layer of spinach (eith raw of cooked). Sealed our marriage proposal.”

“Fresh eggs – scrambled with sliced home-grown tomatoes with sea salt. Divine!”

“My mother’s Passover dinner: matzoh ball soup, brisket, latkes with sour cream, spinach soufflé, chocolate covered matzoh brittle. My brother said ‘tastes like Mom’s.’”

“Christmas Eve 2005. Baked shrimp stuffed with crabmeat. Lamb Shanks oven braised with orzo. Everyone around the table kept saying ‘OMG’ until we laughed! And it was our Mom’s last Christmas with us so we have a lovely memory”

“Gingered Julienne of Roots and Squash, with roast baby potatoes and a seared ahi tuna in Fra Diablo Reduction”

“For the first Thanksgiving in our new house, with 12 guests: apricot glazed salmon, home-made lasagna, herb roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, side salad”

“My best holiday dinner. Beef Brisket made with onion soup mix and water. Noodle Kugel. Garden salad. Sweet potatoes mashed with butter and maple syrup. Brussel Sprouts steamed with butter and lemon. Handmade, home-made bread. Homemade strawberry pie with Cool Whip. Apple Cider”

“New Year’s Eve dinner. Stuffed Pork Loin Roast. Sweet Potato Souffle. Salad with apples, dried cranberries and gorgonzola with vinaigrette. Assorted cookies. Pecan pie”

‘Homemade cheese filled raviolis with homemade pesto with red wine and garlic bread”

“Weekly dinner at my apartment. Cavatelli pasta with shrimp, scallops, broccoli, tomatoes, and seasoning. Basically, my boyfriend knows the way to my heart…through my stomach, of course!”

“Christmas dinner: jalapeno crabcakes, rosemary herb crusted prime rib, roasted root vegetables, cauliflower au gratin”

“Crock Pot Arm Roast: Arm Roast with bone, sweet potatoes, fresh green beans, carrots, ½ onion chopped, organic chicken broth. Coat roast with kosher salt, thyme and basil, braise. Put in crock pot with juice, cook low for 8 hours. Comfort food!”

“If I had a last meal: my husband’s sun-dried tomato pasta…he tried to copy the one I loved from the Giant Gourmet in McLean…and made a better one. Ditalini, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, feta cheese, some spices. Total yum!”

The Best Meal I Ever Ate

In this category, many of the responses revolve around a meal enjoyed while on a trip or at a special locale.

“Dumpling feast in Xian, China”

“Catfish at Bevo Mill in St. Louis. It was propped upright like it was swimming and everyone watched the waiter carry it across the room”

“Fresh seafood and pasta at a restaurant on the ocean in Palermo, Italy”

“The French Laundry in Yountville, CA. Poached lobster with baby peas/carrots, oysters with caviar, Colorado lamb, foie gras. Yum yum yum!’

“Fried chicken done right. In the Shenandoah Valley. My boyfriend rocks!”

“Le Cirque in Vegas. Butter poached lobster salad. Herb crusted rack of lamb. Side of seafood ravioli. Wedding cake (our wedding). Too much champagne. Best service ever!”

“My Uncle Vince’s handmade spaghetti and meatballs”

“A lunch in Paris when I was 25. Cost $5, a splurge. Five courses and I left satisfied but not full!”

“Peking Duck and Dim Sum at a hotel restaurant in Guangzhou, China”

“Spinach ravioli in Lucca, Italy”

“In Kinsdale, Ireland. Fresh seafood grill and prawns in Jameson’s Cream sauce, accompanied by yes: cockles and mussels (and Guinness)”

“Chili with corn bread”

“Nob Hill, Las Vegas: Best comfort food ever eaten in a restaurant. Chicken – out of this world. Mac & Cheese – unbeatable. Wine and cheese fondue. Great wine list”

“McDonald’s. Yum”

“An Indonesian Rijsttafel in Amsterdam. An incredible collection of dishes, flavors, colors, and spices”

“Green Fried Tomatoes. Fried Eggplant”

“The French Laundry, Napa. Exquisite service. 10-11 little courses. So creative, fun, exceptional! And we had the vegetarian menu!”

“I cooked a goose on the grill and served it with rice.”

“San Miniato, Italy. Truffle ravioli”

Ok, all this has made us hungry! Be sure to share your best meals with us when you come see I Love to Eat, starring Nick Olcott as celebrated chef and foodie James Beard. It’s onstage at Round House Theatre Bethesda thru November 4.

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