A peek behind the curtain in Silver Spring

DC Theatre Scene reported last week that the DC city council increased fees for on-street parking and provided readers with only four parking options to cope. ToRHTSS14 this I respond, COME TO SILVER SPRING! OUR PARKING IS FREE ON WEEKENDS AND WEEKNIGHTS AFTER 8PM! Ahem. So, please come to Silver Spring. Parking is easy, cheap, and we’ve got plenty of theatre for everyone.

Hello! My name is Andrea Locke. As Lance wrote in a previous post, I am the Production and Rental Coordinator here at Round House Theatre. I coordinate the many productions and events held at Round House Silver Spring, our black box theatre located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, MD. I also manage the rental clients at the Round House Education Center located around the corner from the black box.

We say that “Silver Spring has something different every day” and that is certainly true this season—looking at the calendar right now, the next Saturday that the black box is empty is July 3rd! At least that is the case this very second. For all I know, we could potentially schedule an event on that day in the next six months. And don’t even get me started on the Education Center calendar. We’re busy.

Here is what’s going on:

The Silver Spring Series, our presenting series held at the black box, is kicking off at the end of January. In our second season we are proud to present productions by local artists Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, In-Flight Theatre, Marian Licha, Caleen Sinnette Jennings, Contradiction Dance, Will Gartshore, and Happenstance Theatre. I’ve been writing e-mails, contracts, and programs; organizing schedules and calendars; and answering questions since November. It’s a surreal feeling knowing that it’s finally time to put the work on stage.

Our Sarah Play this year is Neil Bartlett’s adaptation of Moliere’s The Misanthrope. Performances are at the black box April 30th -May 9th, 2010. Rehearsals begin at the Education Center this week!

We’re also presenting a blended production with University of Maryland College Park’s Department of Theatre of Hotel Cassiopeia by Charles Mee at the black box June 5-13, 2010. We are already in rehearsals for the University of Maryland leg of the production.

In addition, we’ve also got productions and classes by our Artistic and Community partners:

Contradiction Dance just moved into their office at our Education Center as Round House’s dance company in residence. Dance classes begin on January 11th, and as previously mentioned, the company is included in the Silver Spring Series.

Forum Theatre, our theatre company in residence, will be joining us again at the black box this February and March. They received rave reviews for their productions of Angels in America: Millennium Approaches and Angels in America: Perestroika this past fall. This spring they’ll be presenting Jordan Harrison’s Amazons and Their Men. Rehearsals are to start any day now at the Education Center.

Music Together continues to hold music and movement classes for pre-kindergarten students at the Education Center on weekday mornings.

Lumina Studio Theatre will also be returning to the black box on multiple occasions in the coming season. Their production of WHAT HO, JEEVES! takes place the weekend of January 29th, 2010.

ArtStream has been in rehearsals at the Education Center since September for their production at the black box the weekend of April 15th, 2010.

And of course, we’ve got a whole slew of productions, meetings, auditions, and classes at Round House Silver Spring and the Education Center presented by our RHTEdCenter2rental clients (“rental” is one of my middle names after all). Some of these great organizations include, in no particular order, McLean Bible Church, Weight Watchers, Lango, Maryland Community Theatre Festival, The Actor’s Center, Inkwell Theatre, and The Princeton Review.

WHEW! I wasn’t kidding about just how much is going on around this place, and the above list doesn’t even include all of Round House’s own programming. In the coming months I’ll be back on the blog detailing more specific stories and exciting events that are taking place here in Silver Spring. Until then, I hope you’ll consider a trip to see us at the black box or at the Education Center. And of course, if you have any questions or an idea for a blog entry, please leave a comment!

See you in Silver Spring,

Andrea Locke

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